Mir aimal kansi

Those who die in the path of Allah dont ask them Died but they are alive but you are not known (Al-quran)

Son of islam executed in Verginia (United states)

                              Aimal Kansi wanted poster

QUETTA, Pakistan - Thousands of Pakistanis chanted anti-American slogans as the body of Mir Aimal Kansi, a Pakistani executed in the United States for killing two CIA (news - web sites) employees, arrived home on

The American government should honour the sentiments of Muslims and should reconsider the death sentence

Arbab Jamil Kansi

Monday, witnesses said.  Mourners offer prayers at the funeral
 "Crush the United States," chanted a crowd of more than 20,000 people as

Dr. Abdul Malik Kasi Pakistani Federal Minister for Health & Brother-in-Law ofAimal Kasi mourns at his home. Mourners view the body of Aimal Khan Kansi in Quetta
Traders have called for a one-day strike in Quetta on

I don't know who Kansi was, I only know that he was killed by AmericaSupporters of Aimal Kansi protest in Quetta, Pakistan Protester in Multan

Tuesday when Kansi will be buried in his ancestral graveyard just outside the city. Thousands of people are expected to attend the funeral prayers at Quetta's Ayub sports stadium.Thousands gather for funeral at soccer stadium in Quetta
Kansi's coffin, draped in black cloth with verses from the Koran embroidered on it in gold, was carried on the shoulders of young men some 10 miles from the airport to his family's home in Quetta.

I have no regrets... I told the US that its officials would not be safe in their homes if it continues to target Palestinians

Aimal Kansi

Funeral of Aimal Kansi
Mourners were flanked by police as they followed the procession, many carrying placards denouncing U.S. President George Bush and Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf. Mourners carry Kansi's coffin
"It took the coffin more than two hours to reach Kansi's home where more than 2,500 people were already waiting," a witness said. Aimal Khan KansiBanners at Kansi funeral
Kansi's family has called for calm after protests last week that hailed Kansi as a hero and threatened retaliation against the United States. Man cries at Kansi's funeral
"We are peaceful people and we want to bury him in a peaceful manner," Kansi's brother Hameedullah Kansi told mourners outside his home. Troops outside the Kansi family home in Quetta
Kansi was convicted for killing two CIA employees outside the organization's Langley, Virginia headquarters in 1993 in anger over U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Naseebullah Kansi
Naseebullah Kansi says his brother "is a martyr"

Kansi flew to Pakistan the day after the 1993 shootings. He disappeared for four years, spending most of his time in Afghanistan.

A million Aimals will be born in the Muslim world to fight America's anti-Islamic policies

Quetta residents

Trial security

High security was evident at Mir Aimal Kasi's trial

He was arrested in Pakistan by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1997 and was taken to the United States for trial.
QUETTA-Balochistan, Aimal Kasi, executed in Virginia, US will be laying to rest today (Tuesday) at 10 a.m. in native graveyard, brothers of Kasi revealed.
Thousands of people belonging to all walks of life including federal Health Minister Dr. Abdul Malik Kasi, head of Kasi tribe Abdulzahir Kasi, Awami National Party Secretary General Dr. Inyat Ullah, Pakistan Peoples Party leader Mir Sadiq Imrani, Pakistan Muslim League (Q) leader Wazir Gul Zaman Kasi, received dead body at Quetta Airport at 3 p.m. on Monday. Protesters in Karachi demanding the extradition of Aimal KansiAnti-American protests in Baluchistan.

                  Baluchistan has seen many anti-American protests

There is a possibility that American citizens may be targeted for kidnapping or assassination

US State Department

"As soon as the dead body came out of the airport in the ambulance, thousands of people gathered there started crying and protesting against the United States. However intervention of political leaders and tribal elders controlled the mob that was becoming emotional," the NNI correspondent reported.
Aimal Kasi was executed in Virginia two days before. He was charged of killing two CIA agents in the United States some nine years before. In 1997, he was picked up from Dera Ghazi Khan by the American Commandoes with the assistance of local agencies. Ruins of the Sari Club, Bali, the target of a bomb
    "The US fears more tragedies such as the Bali bomb"
He was trailed in a court in Virginia, contrary to the first Friendship Treaty between Pakistan and the United States. According to which, non of the two countries could have trails of each others accused in a court that may grant maximum punishment of death sentence.
Mutahida Majlas-e-Aamal Mourners shower rose petals on cortegecandidate for prime minister and Secretary General, Maulana Fazalur Rehman in his condolence message to the bereaved family has expressed his deep sorrow on the demise of Aimal Kasi. He regretted that due to his business in Islamabad he would be coming to his family three to four days. A mourner weeps
Due to 20 hours late arrival of PK-716 from New York, the Kasi's burial has been changed. Earlier it was plan to lay him on rest in the evening of Monday but keeping in view thousands of people who want to see Kasi for the last time, the family has changed the time. Now he will be buried in the morning of Tuesday.The cortege
Ayub Stadium would be the venue for his burial pray from where his dead body will be taken to his home town, adjacent to Quetta. Mourners run alongside the ambulance carrying the body
The dead body of Aimal Kasi has been placed in the open place in front of his house, where thousands of people are in Q to see his face.
In Quetta, extra security measures were also taken and not a single report of violation or law breaking was reported.
The brothers of Aimal Kasi, Hameed Ullah Kasi and Mir Wahid Kasi termed their brother as martyred as saying, "our brother did not has any regret on his act of killing two CIA agents. Intellectually he was one hundred percent convinced over his act. He pleaded that he killed them as they plan against the Muslims in Palestine and Iraq." Quetta residents offer condolence to brother Nasibullah Khan Kansi
They said that their brother Aimal Kasi braced death penalty with courage and dedication "he smiled till last moment of his life and raised the victory sign. He was brave even beyond imagination. He had also suggested to his tribe men and other friends to do not commit violence after his execution."
The city of Quetta observed shutter down strike in protesting against the execution of Kasi by US authorities. The commercial market hoisted black flags to register their protest on the death sentence to Kasi.
The shutter down will continued on Tuesday (today) and the people of Quetta and adjacent areas will be attending the burial ceremony of Aimal Kasi.
The administration of the provincial capital had also observed extra special measures to keep law and order intact. However, the family of Kasi as well as tribe also cooperated with the administration while asking the people on loud speakers to demonstrate restraints.
"The government of Pakistan has treated the case of my brother Aimal Kasi under the treaty of 1952 with the British Government and not under the first friendship treaty between Pakistan and the US," brother of Kasi, Hamid Ullah Kasi told the reporters.
He was of the view that his brother was disappointed on the attitude of the government of Pakistan and it is therefore did not move aggressively to turn his death sentence into life imprisonment.
Lawyers hold protest demo against Kansi execution
ISLAMABAQD, The protest continues on execution Mir Aimal Kasi by the United States as Lawyers community staged demonstration against America and the students of Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad also set to mark Tuesday as Black Day against Washington against the death of a Pakistani Baloch.
"We want due punishment to the US authorities on killing thousands of innocent Muslims in Afghanistan," the lawyers of Swabi-NWFP were chanting slogans against the United States while staging a demonstration against the execution of Mir Aimal Kasi on Monday.
The students of the university in Islamabad are also demonstrating against the execution of Mir Aimal Kasi in front of the Admin Block of Quaid-e-Azam University in the noon today (Tuesday).
The lawyers in Swabi staged protest rally at the Karnal Sher Khan Chowk under heavy security of the local administration. Some handful lawyers were followed by heavy police contingent and intelligence officials.
Prominent local lawyers including Shahid Zaman, Hakeem Khan, and Muhammad Rasheed addressed the protestors. Mourner with placard
They condemned the characters involved in the handing over of Mir Aimal Kansi to the US agents and offered fateha for the departed soul of Kansi.
They said the United States was the enemy number one of Muslims throughout the world, and added that their war on terror was in fact 'war on Muslims'.
Meanwhile, the JUI (F) and Tehrik-i- Insaf leaders here have also condemned the United States action to execute Aimal Kansi.


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